Top 5 data packs available now for Reliance Jio customers

Reliance Jio, the fastest growing network in India. Jio brings in VoLTE( voice over LTE) services available to all 4G smartphones irrespective of VoLTE support using Jio4G Voice application. Jio is known for its cost-efficient plans which provide an enormous quantity of data.

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio Guarantees to provide 20% more data than the competition.

Top packs

Reliance Jio offers a variety of packs with a validity of 28 days / 70 days /  90 days and even 360 days. Even variety in data bundles is there.

We judge the plan, not on the basis of Cost-efficiency and quantity of the bundle. But the cost efficiency against other competitors pitching similar bundles.

Rs 399/- for 84 days

The company is offering Rs 399/- plan for a validity of 84 days. Which entitles the customer to attain a maximum of 126GB high-speed 4G data. With a daily limit of 1.5 GB per day, After which the speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps.  It costs around Rs 4.75 per day and around Rs 3.1667 per GB

Rs 398/-  for 70 days

Reliance Jio is giving 70-day validity pack in which the customers get 140 Gb data for the period of the pack. The pack entitles 2GB per day limit of high-speed internet, further upon it reduces to 1Mbps. It costs around Rs 5.685 per day and Rs 2.84 per GB.

Reliance Jio

Rs 799/- 28 days

This plan looks quite expensive but it provides a high quantity of data 140 GB data for the period of 28 days. With a limit of 5GB per day. Further, there are no such plans in the market offering such high amount of data. It costs around Rs 28.53 per day and Rs 5.707 per GB.

Rs 4999/- for 360 days

Referred as long-term plan on Reliance Jio’s website itself. Provides the services for a period of 360 days with a pooled data of 350 GB for the period. No daily limits exist for this plan. This plan accounts for Rs 13.886 per day and Rs 14.282 per GB.

*All the above plans include unlimited calling plus SMS(100/day). Also includes a subscription to Jio services such as JioTV, JioCinema and etc.

Market competition

Reliance Jio

As the lowest price guarantee remains at the top. Reliance Jio plans remain the cheapest among the crop with at least difference of 1GB per day or an amount of Rs 50 for the entire recharge.

Airtel and Vodafone pose similar plans to the above mentioned but none of the two are able to defy the cost-effectiveness of the plans Jio offers to its customers.

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