Top 5 reasons why not to buy the Nokia 8

Nokia has been a well-renowned brand which was famous for its ultra-durable phones. After being adamant to shift to android and sticky with the long dead Symbian OS and then Windows Phone, they lost everything they had. Being sold to Microsoft and then to HMD Global, they fond their new home. Nokia released the iconic 3310 in its new form along with three other android smartphones in budget to mid category.

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Nokia was rumored to launch Nokia 8, its flagship killer to compete directly with the Samsung and Apple. There many many rumors regarding the specification, photos and much more. But nothing is perfect considering Nokia just came back into smartphone market and its parent company HMD Global has no experience in smartphone business, Nokia 8 has a lot of flaws. Here are some of the flaws why we think that the Nokia 8 is a big no no for buying.

Nokia 8 Blue

Low on RAM

Nokia 8 is offering 4 GB of ram along with 64 GB of storage in a premium flagship device. That specifications can be found in a mid ranger phone from Xiaomi in their Note 4 which costs one-forth the expected price of the Nokia 8. Devices like the OnePlus 5 are offering 8 GB of RAM for a much lesser price.

There is no reason why one should pay higher price for a lower specification device in 2017, where there are so many options to choose from.

Big Chunky Bezels

Nokia 8 Silver

With the smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus and the LG G6, the bezels are long gone in 2017. Even the leaks suggest that the Apple’s newest flagship will not have any Bezels. It is a nobrainer that the bezel-less display looks beautiful and anything. It also gives you more screen without increasing your devices footprint.

With 2017 almost going to end, releasing a chunky phone with large bezels is a big no no comparing we can get beautiful bezel-less phones for the same price. Even LG Q6, a phone that costs not even half the expected price of Nokia 8 has almost no bezel.

Wireless Charging

Nokia 8 GeekBench Scores

With companies pushing towards the whole wireless era and wireless charging with wireless headphones and all, Nokia decided to skip the whole wireless trend by not providing wireless charging on it’s Flagship phone. Looks like Nokia is gonna be taking Apple’s path for which they are greatly criticized.


Like the Nokia 6 which was announced months before it came to the market, Nokia 8 will be nothing new. The Nokia 8 is launched but it won’t be available in many countries till end of 2017 or even starting of 2018. It will be already a year behind it’s competition and you can get better phones of the 2018 for the same price as the Nokia 8.

It makes no sense buying a Generation old phone for the present price tag.

Average front camera


Purely based on the specifications, the Nokia 8 with Carl Zesis dual camera setup which is great. But at the same time the front camera is a let-down. The front camera is nothing compared to its competition.

In this world selfies are more popular than ever and not having  a great front camera that to on a premium priced phone is a big no for the device.

Will you still buy the Nokia 8? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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  1. Muayad says:

    I will buy it i don’t care about the bezels also you mentioned low RAM i think with stock android it will do the work but you have a point about the wireless charging.
    one last thought the price for this phone is relatively high if they gone with 500 euro that will encourage people to purchase this phone.

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