How to use your Smartphone as Webcam for PC

The webcam is a necessity for conducting video calls on your computers. These days this device is in higher demand as we all are working from home and students are also taking their online classes. If this device stop working or broken then you have to stop working which is a great loss to you. And if you are planning to get a new one is costs around Rs 2,500 that is quite expensive. So here are some tools through which one can use a smartphone as Webcam for PC.

smartphone as webcam for PC

Smartphone as Webcam for PC

To convert your phone into a camera for a computer you always need a Software to do this. Therefore there is various Software that available for connecting the Andriod and iOs devices to Windows,macOS, or Linux computer. While converting your phone into a camera they are some basic steps that you need to follow. Like if you choose a wireless system then you have connected your phone and computer with the same wifi. If you choose a wired option then you have to connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.

Sofware for Windows computer

There are some apps available to connect the phones with your Windows computer. Apps like DroidCam( is the most common app for becoming the medium for connecting your phones. The app supports both Android and iOS for Windows and Linux software. Whereas Andriod devices, it will support background apps access. There is a paid version that alow HD resolution, a camera controller, and a feature to set the brightness and contrast of the video also compensate for video delay.

Other then DroidCam there is one more app which is iVCam( which is the same as DroidCam but it can run on the various computer not only at one computer. It provides a switch to present the footages from the phone onto the computer. It also supports the keyboard and mouse shortcuts to control a video recording and soon. There is a free version of this app which has 640x480px resolution and inserted watermark with ads in it. The only drawback of this app is that it will require a soundcard for using the phone’s sound in the video call.

Software for Mac computer

There are various apps available for the Mac. But most of them are paid with a better experience.  The Iriun ( is the most used app that can also work on Windows and Linux as well. It provides a toggle option between the front and rear camera of the phone and also operates the flashlight. This app can be rotated according to the phone but it will require you to restart your phone. This app can work on almost every video calling apps but apparently Zoom does not recognize its camera as a Webcam.

Other then Iriun there is an alternative app that you can download is EpocCam ( This app is also available for every device. For the free version, it will capture the video in 640x480px with an option to switch from the rear and front camera. But the wired mode is only compatible with the iOS phones with a watermark added in the video. And for choosing the same mode of sound and video from your phone you have a chance to a Pro version of this app.


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