WhatsApp introduces new feature to fight suspicious links

Owing to the recent news features WhatsApp has been getting, the giant is introducing a new feature in their next update(version 2.18.206). As per WABetaInfo, the app will now have suspicious link detection functionality.

Here is a screenshot to showing the update in work:


Image Credit: WABetaInfo

As seen, the suspicious link will be marked with a red label and a second warning will be displayed upon opening the link. However, the user is free to visit the page if they wish to. WABetaInfo also reports that the link detection is done locally rather than being sent to WhatsApp servers.


It is unclear that on what basis is WhatsApp identifying a link as a suspicious one.

Will this feature also detect fake news websites that try to make money off a legitimate news source?

Or will it exclusively target phishing websites or sites with dodgy security measures or a ton of spam?

Other reasons for this update

The people and the government have been criticizing WhatsApp for the spread of fake news as several reports have been lodged against mob attacking innocent people and even killing a bunch, because of the hoax news stories.

In the light of these events, it is reported that WhatsApp will bring a feature that will help users determine if a message has been forwarded or it has been typed by the sender. WhatsApp had also teamed up with Indian fact-checking group to fight hoax news stories.

Last month, they posted on their blog about a new feature, which only allows the administrator to post messages in a group.

Do you think this step taken by WhatsApp will help in solving the problems of lynching across the country? Will this feature be able to fight against malicious links? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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