Jio – Experience and the future of the master plan of Reliance

Jio is an LTE mobile network operator in India owned by Reliance. The services were first launched to the JIO partner’s and employees on 27th December 2015 and officially launched for others on 5th September 2016. The promises made by them had caused a havoc in the market and people were extremely excited to get their own sim.



Jio was an instant hit in India with its completely free services. The company provided complete 4G service all over India and is the only telecom industry to achieve that. There were large queues outside stores just for a sim. Students were given an attractive offer of 25% more data usage. Voice calls were free and Jio provided activation of sim in just 15 minutes using digital verification.

However, amongst all these attractive and alluring offers, there are many reasons why Jio failed to grab the attention of numerous people.


I for one was more than thrilled when I got Jio sim in my hands. For a student having unlimited data and free calls is nothing less than heaven. However, a week into using the sim I was fairly disappointed with its performance. We rarely find any signal and even if we do the calls generally just do not get connected. Even the internet speed stayed around 0.5-2Mbps and felt like my airtel 3G worked way better than my Jio 4G.


Towards the end of Jio’s free service, there was a little improvement in its service but not enough to get my number ported to it.


With its trial and free offer having come to an end, the real question is how many would still continue to use the services of Jio. Many of my friends have already decided to stop using the sim while some have decided to give it one more shot. Definitely, in the coming months, the number of Jio users would be reducing drastically irrespective of its cheap tariff plans. There is a probability that the Jio service may boost up with better connectivity and better internet speed.

But due to a disappointing start, many may not opt for going for the prime membership. However, Jio still does seem like a boon with its low tariff plans for roaming calls or video calls. Even its premium apps are pretty delightful.

As a result, Jio is offering it, prime customers, 3 months of free services for Rs.303 as Summer surprise offer. But reports are in which suggest TRAI will force Jio to withdraw this offer from the consumers and if that is the case most of the prime customers won’t be happy about the situation. 


More than anything, Jio has definitely told us how much extra we were paying for our telecom services. It has a brought a huge change and a big competition in the market. The master plan of Reliance has definitely grabbed the attention of all, now the real challenge of the Ambani start can they survive now? Will people trust Jio enough to make it their main Service provider? or will the Jio die as the greatest telecom shakeup of all time?

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