Will Tinder get you a date-the Indian Dilemma?

It’s been quite a while since Tinder entered the Indian market. Although it has been quite popular, people have been sceptic about talking about it.

Swipe right or swipe left. If luckily, we do find a match, the probability of getting a message is pretty bleak. And even if we get that damned message, half of them don’t interest us, some are outright obnoxious and the rest are apprehensive to take the next step.

Finding a date on Tinder is definitely way more difficult in India. From the conservative households we grew up in our typical mindset, Tinder is something completely different to our Indian beliefs.

Tinder is time-consuming!

One of the major factors that makes me not want to use Tinder is that it is really time-consuming. It takes thousand of swipes to actually find a decent person (and not a bot). And the difficulty would be twice as much for boys considering the gender ratio of India.

Safety first

Women often feel unsafe to meet after chatting online. With the number of crimes against women on the rise, women do feel safer when they have an upper hand in selecting where and how to meet.


I swipe, you swipe, we match and that’s it. Most people just feel happy enough to know that someone matched with them. They do not have enough guts or interest to actually chat or take the next step. Mostly it just about finding peace within you that yes you can get some swipes or showing off your friends how many swipes you got.

The profiles of Indian Tinder account are pretty vague as well. Some without any bio, most of them are fake and some even have profile pictures showing that they are married!

Culture shock

Perhaps one of the main reason why finding a date on Tinder is difficult. People are still not used to finding a date online. Believe it or not, many Indians are still not used to the term dating itself. Indians are insanely picky and that further complexes the whole procedure.

At the same time, Tinder has shown a huge growth in its market in India. There was almost a 400% rise in the download of the app and India is one of the biggest markets in Asia for Tinder. People are giving a chance and trying to use the app. But the overall user experience isn’t really something that one can boast about.

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