Xbox One X Scorpio Edition sells out in under a day

Microsoft announced that they would be launching a new special edition of their biggest gaming console, Xbox One X. The new limited edition of that device was long awaited by Xbox fans, the device was called, Xbox One X Scorpio Edition. The device was launched by the tech giants by the name of Xbox One X.

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Sales better than expected for the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition

If anyone of you were hoping to get the device in the near future, Sadly you all are out of luck. Marketing manager of Xbox announced that they have sold out the first batch of Xbox One X Scorpio Edition. Without giving any specific numbers over the sales. Aaron said, that they have sold out on Amazon in 25 minutes. He also goes on to claim that they have sold well over the stock they initially thought would last a week but was sold in under 24 hours.

Uniqueness about Xbox One X

For years, Xbox has been behind Sony PlayStation with the sales of their consoles. This needs to be the time for their resurgence. Xbox One X is the most powerful gaming console ever. The regular Xbox One X will be launched this year on 7th of November. You will not be paying a huge, both Xbox One X and the Scorpio edition are priced at £449.99.

Xbox One X

One X will be the most powerful and the most expensive console ever and will be a direct rival to PS4 Pro. Right now Xbox One X is ahead of PS4 Pro on Amazon’s Bestseller list. Xbox One runs only on 4K support. Xbox one truly is a console for true console gamers or Xbox enthusiasts, Or why would you go and buy a gaming console for 500 Pounds rather than buying a gaming PC?


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